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The Seasider Stir-fry area uses the best ingredients to create a delicious hot dish that is a campus favorite. Freshly cut vegetables are mixed with beef, chicken, or shrimp, rice or noodles, and topped with our soy sauce.

Seasider Stir Fry BYU-Hawaii

Stir Fry Dishes
Thai Garlic Shrimp
Thai Garlic Shrimp and rice
$ 11.45
Shrimp, garlic, butter, green onion, fish sauce, vinegar, sugar, oil & rice
Chow fun
This is a photo of drunken noodles.
Chicken, cabbage, carrot, green onion, homemade special sauce & chow fun noodle
Chicken Yakisoba
This is a photo of chow mein.
Chicken, cabbage, carrot, green onion, homemade sauce & yakisoba
Orange Chicken
photo of orange chicken with green onions, small side salad, and a scoop of rice
Chicken, mixed vegetables, homemade orange sauce & rice
Singapore Noodle
This is a photo of chow mein.
Chicken, mixed vegetables, egg, rice stick noodles & curry paste
Chicken Pad Thai
This is a photo of pad thai.
Chicken, mixed vegetables, egg, crushed peanut, pad thai sauce, & rice stick noodles
Chicken Katsu
This is a photo of katsu chicken, egg rolls, rice and boc choy.
Chicken katsu, mixed vegetables, rice, egg roll, & katsu sauce
Ichiban Saimin
This is a photo of pork and shrimp ramen.
Char siu, tempura shrimp, fish cake, vegetables, noodles, & homemade broth
Kim Chee Shrimp Fried Rice
This is a photo of fried rice.
Shrimp, eggs, kim chee, vegetables, & special rice
Potsticker, rice, soy sauce, and other food on a plate
$ 7.25
Soy, vinegar, pork, garlic, ginger, flour, cabbage & oil
Oyakodon in a bowl
$ 7.45
Chicken, egg, oyster sauce, green onion, cabbage, sugar, oil & chicken broth
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