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Student Leadership Program

Student Leadership Program

The purpose of Food Services Student Leadership Program is to provide:

  • An opportunity for enthusiastic and motivated students to increase their leadership and professional skills.
  • Monetary compensation to members of the student leadership class for the time and effort.
  • Assist BYU–Hawaii Food Services in retaining outstanding skilled student employees.

Benefits Of The Program

Learn and gain experience from our leadership classes. Fall and winter semester Food Services student employees are also eligible to apply for a Food Services Student Leadership Performance Grant. The Performance Grants are ONLY for participants of the Food Services Student Leadership Program.

How does it work?

The Food Service Student Leadership Program runs concurrent to academic classes in both Fall and Winter Semesters. FS-SLP I classes are held every Tuesday from 4:00-5:30 pm. Classes include training on Leadership, Sustainability, Communication, Food Safety, Fire Safety and First Aid to name a few. Once you have completed the first course, you will automatically be enrolled in the FS-SLP II course which focuses on projects and hand on experiences.

Who may apply?

If you have the initiative at work, good work ethic and leadership skills, don't wait any longer! Speak with your manager, you need to be invited and enrolled by him/her. YOU CAN APPLY EVERY SEMESTER as long as you are a Food Services employee.

Students who enroll in the program

"I strongly encourage student employees to attend this program - it is in their best interest and ours. Students who have attended the class gain a breadth of experience from a select group of professionals whose main interest is to enhance the leadership skills of each participant. In return, participants are empowered as student leads, student supervisors and students managers in all areas of Food Services. It is a remarkable program and a wonderful opportunity. Get involved, become a part of an outstanding team of leaders!"

David Keala, Director of Food Services