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SLP Scholarships

The Student Leadership Program MERIT AWARD provides monetary compensation for completed projects that contribute to and enhance the Food Services’ department operations. Student employees selected by their manager for the Student Leadership Program qualify for projects and are mentored and guided along by Food Services manager. The student employee has the opportunity to apply and implement their classroom learning experiences to a specific real-work situation not only to strengthen their employment and academic experience, but also to prepare and benefit them for their future professional and personal endeavors.

The student employee is given 11 weeks every Fall and Winter semester to begin and complete a project specific to any Food Services’ area and approved by that manager. The complete project must be presented* before the Food Services management team who will score*the project based on three areas Presentation, Content, and Impact. The top scores will be eligible for monetary MERTI AWARD which is awarded in their pay.

*Food Services areas: The Club, SnackAttack Vending, The Seasider Snack Bar & Sea Store, Concessions, and Catering. A Food Services manager may approve a time extension for projects that require more than one semester to complete.

*Presentation Date: Listed on class schedules found at

*Project Scoring:

  • Presentation, 10pts - Use of Media: Quality; Legible; Informative; Graphic related to the message; Correct use of grammar; Visually appealing. Delivery: Concise; Organized content; Articulate; Focused on message/information; Message/information organized and developed clearly and logically; Appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication; Interactive(listen and respond).
  • Content, 10pts - Purpose of Projects: Scope of a project (meets or exceeds expectations); Number of participants or organizations outside Food Services involved in a project.
  • Impact, 10pts - Resulting impact to the student employee, the FS department, Measurement of impact (before-and-after).
  • Projects must be documented from start to finish and prepared for digital presentation.

You may also request an application to be emailed to you, please contact: