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Food Services Employment

Be a Part of the Best Team on Campus!

When you think of working for Food Services, you probably imagine hairnets and serving trays. While those are involved in some of the most important positions in our establishment (you can't have lunch without cooks!) we also offer several specialized and leadership positions. Our operations can help you to learn a variety of skills such as supply chain management, accounting, organic gardening, cooking, marketing, and so much more. Among other positions, we need supervisors of all kinds, accountants, food service workers, and student managers to keep everything running smoothly.

Meet our Management Team! BYU-Hawaii Food Services

What are perks of working at Food Services?

  • Competitive starting wages
  • Specialized positions that help you expand in your major
  • Flexible work schedules
  • FREE FOOD! You get a free meal when you work!
  • Student Leadership Training programs
  • Gain practical experience while working
  • Great leadership opportunities that work as resume builders
  • Meet new people and make new friends
  • Work in a team atmosphere
  • Be a part of fun events throughout campus
  • The opportunity for long-term employment

How can I use these experiences in a job interview?

Most employers are looking to hire workers who 1) work well under pressure and 2) work well with people 3) are good at conflict resolution. When you encounter moments at work that have to do with any of these things, we suggest you write them down. Maybe you help a confused or upset guest find a solution to a problem, or you are having a busy day at work and need to motivate your team to keep going strong.

Detail what you decided to do and what the end result was. Then, when you're in an interview you'll know exactly how to answer questions about any of the above and give a personal experience.

How do I apply?

Visit us at the Food Services Administrative offices or visit this website: Student Employment

A cafeteria worker cooking food on a wok pan.