Taste of Home

Taste of Home Contest

     Here at The Club Dining Facility we are thrilled that you are considering entering our Taste of Home contest. We know food is a great way to bring people together and help them create lasting memories, and we need your help to do that. We are looking for recipes (specifically entrees/main dishes) to use as part of our menu that reflect the tastes that remind you of home, whether that be Thailand, Samoa, New York, or Singapore. This is a great opportunity for all those budding chefs, or to get a food you miss put on the menu.

     Everything you need to know will be detailed in the following document.


-Submissions must be in by October 5th 2017

-Final contest will be Thursday, October 26th 2017 at 11:00 am. Contestants will need to be there that morning to prep their food.

The Contest


The final contest will involve creating at least 5 servings of the entrees. At this time judges will taste the food and decide on their favorite.

The Prize:

The winner will 1) receive a “Taste of Home” commemorative plate 2) be given four guest passes to The Club to bring in family and friends when their food is officially served 3) a Dining Express Card for $100 which can be used at The Seasider, The Club, or Farmer’s Market 4) have their food become part of the regular menu in The Club.

Please see the document below for information about judging and what we need from you, and then fill out the form on the last page.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message us on our Facebook page at BYU Hawaii Club Dining .


Here are some guidelines to help you in your culinary creativity:

  1. We want submissions of a main dish that you love. Your food should taste good, look good, and be cost efficient. Food will be judged based on:      

A. Taste: We’re looking for something delicious!

B. Cost: Remember, if we’re putting it on our menu we have to make it for a large group of people.

C. Aesthetics: Make it look good enough to eat! 

D. Feasibility: It has to be something we can make all year long for large groups of people. So, be careful of seasonal ingredients.

  1. There will be two stages to this contest: 1. Entrants will submit recipes online via the private message option on the BYU Hawaii Club Dining Facebook page or by emailing them to . Recipes should detail ingredients and the process for making the food. Food Services will review the recipes and choose the three that they feel best fit the criteria listed above. We will then contact the winners who will participate in the second part where 2. They will create at least three servings of their food for the judges.
  2. This contest is open to anyone within the community of Laie. We invite on and off-campus students, married students, staff, and community members to participate.
  3. When we say “home” we mean anywhere you call home. Whether that be your mission, your home that you live in, the city where you grew up, or some place you just love being, we want you to create that feeling of love and familiarity through food.
  4. Recipes must take no more than 30 minutes to prepare. Longer cooking times are fine, but the preparation itself should be short.
  5. We will advise you, upon selection of your recipe, on all sanitation requirements in creating and serving the food.

What you need to submit:

  1. Your name, daytime phone number (so we can contact you in case your recipe is selected), email, and mailing address.
  2. A digital copy of your recipe. We need to know how much of each ingredient and how you put them all together. Please give an estimate of how many serving portions your recipe entrée provides. Recipes should be tailored to make at least ten servings/portions. The more organization, the better since recipes are judged first.
  3. Food Services will have the rights to use all the recipes submitted. A written form will be provided for you to sign your approval.



Submission Form


Daytime phone:


Mailing address:

By putting my name, I hereby give Food Services the right to use any and all parts of my recipe in any way that they see fit.






Please copy recipe here including what ingredients, how much of each is needed, and the process for making the food. Also include an estimation of how many servings each batch makes, and approximate preparation time. Remember that recipe feasibility (our ability to make it and how well it fits the criteria) will be judged before we ever see or taste the food.