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Finder's Fee

Finder's Fee

Get paid to find employees for Food Services! Starts immediately. Open until positions are filled.

Find one employee, earn $25.

If the new employee stays until December 9, you will earn an additional $25.

Find as many as you can and earn up to $50 for every hired recommendation.

Number of FindingsYou EarnAdditional Earning
(if they stay until December 9)
Total Earnings
Find one$25$25$50
Find a second person$25$25$100
Find a third person$25$25$150
Find a fourth person$25$25$200

Who Can Participate?

Anyone and everyone!

Employees Must:

  • be able to work in the U.S.
  • work for at least one month.
  • put the name of the person who referred them on Workday (required for processing the finder's fee).

Note: the finder's fee is taxable.

The pay rate is $12/hour for 14-15-year-old employees and $12.50/hour for employees ages 16 years and over.

Food Services Employment

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