Anytime Dining Meal Plans

Welcome to our Anytime Dinning Meal Plans site. Here you will be able to view meal plans, rates, and sign up.

Anytime Dining Meal Plans for Fall 2017

Gold Silver
UNLIMITED entry into The Club (Mon – Sun) UNLIMITED entry into The Club (Mon – Fri)
$75 Flex Dollars Included $225 Flex Dollars Included
2 Guest Meals Included No Guest Meals


Gold Silver
Fall Semester 17=$1,803 Fall Semester 17= $1,556

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Things To Remember

1.Club meals are non-transferable but are for your individual use.
2.Flex Dollars can be used in the Seasider, Concessions, Farmer's Market and The Club.
3.Flex dollars cannot be replenished or carried over to next Session or Semester. However, you can start a Flex Plus account, which you can enjoy the same discount benefits. For more information:
4.If you sign up from Mon - Thurs, ACTIVATION is within 24hrs. On Fri - Sun, it will be within 48hrs.
5.Meal plan will DEACTIVATED on the last day of the meal period.
6.The deadline to cancel or change a meal plan is the first day of the semester which in on September 6th for the Fall Semester 2017.
7.Once the request is processed you will receive an email confirmation.
8.No refunds give for cancellation after deadline.

Last day of Fall Semester is on December 17, 2017.
Please use your flex dollars before this date as they do not carry over to the Winter 2018 semester.

To Enroll Fill Out the Form Below:

The sequence number can be located on the back of the id. It is a 2 digit number. (ex 01, 02, 03, etc) If you don't have a sequence number enter 00.
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